10-12 August / Los Angeles

Game Night Extravaganza

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Experience the Ultimate Game Night Extravaganza

Join us for an unforgettable night of sports, great food, drinks, and camaraderie. Get ready for an intense game night experience!

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Night Schedule

6:00 PM
Scheduled Event 1
7:30 PM
Scheduled Event 2
9:00 PM
Scheduled Event 3
10:30 PM
Scheduled Event 4
12:30 PM
Scheduled Event 5

Dive into the action-packed night and enjoy cheering for your favorite teams while surrounded by fellow sports enthusiasts.

Special Guests

Meet Our Special Game Night Presenters

Alex Smith

Alex is a sports commentator with years of experience covering major sports events.

Emily Johnson

Emily is a former professional athlete who brings her insights and passion for sports to every event.

Michael Chang

Michael is a renowned sports journalist known for his in-depth analyses and engaging event hosting.

Sophia Davis

Sophia is a sports influencer who keeps fans updated on the latest trends and exciting matches.

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Event Snaps

Relive the Excitement with Our Event Snapshots

Meet the Team

Get to Know the Faces Behind Game Night Extravaganza

David Johnson

David is a seasoned event planner with a passion for creating unforgettable experiences for sports fans.

Rachel White

Rachel is a marketing expert who ensures that every aspect of the event resonates with the audience.

Kevin Adams

Kevin is a hospitality professional who excels in delivering top-notch service and satisfaction to attendees.

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Secure your spot for an amazing night of sports, games, and good times with friends and fellow fans.

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